In person gatherings at Glen Cairn United are returning soon. Join us online until then.

Sunday Worship Live Stream

Join us Sunday at 10:00 AM for our live-streamed worship service. Click here to join us on YouTube. If you miss the live stream you can watch it anytime.

Online services will continue after we reopen for in-person services. Whether you attend in-person or online you are a part of our community.

Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered it looks like inside our broadcast studio at Glen Cairn United?

The streaming set up is pretty basic. We have a laptop sitting on a kitchen trolley. There are two cameras. You can see one on the trolley next to the laptop. Both cameras are webcams like you would have on your computer at home. The sound feed comes from our sound board. It all comes in on the cable on the left of the laptop.

The laptop on the right is for monitoring the service on YouTube. It's sitting on a music stand.

Scott, Kati, and Lisa are over by the windows. In this shot they are physically distanced from each other, but rest assured all three are in the same social bubble.

Scott is playing the keyboard. On top of it is a small sound board to mix the sound for the monitors (speakers) you can see on the floor in the background.

The second camera is propped on top of the silver microphone stand at the front left.

There's a laptop on top of the piano so Scott can see the YouTube feed. Everyone has a device. We all watch the service and read the chat stream before the service.

There are cables everywhere. Cables from the microphones, piano, and organ back to the sound room. Cables to the laptop to bring in the sound and connect it to the internet. Cables from the cameras to the laptop. Power cords for everything.

The studio lighting is a clip on light taped to a microphone stand.

There's been no attempt at neatness.

It's a pretty lonely view from the pulpit. Sharp-eyed viewers will spot Susan at the back. She lead worship in July and was in to see how everything works.

In the first few weeks of the pandemic, when group sizes were limited to five or fewer, it was lonelier than this. For a while there were only Rev. Elaine, Matt, and Wayne in the building. Physical distancing was easier then.

Behind the scenes we are all wearing masks, and keeping physical distance as much as possible.

Over the summer of 2020 we will bring in a more volunteers one at a time to expand the number of technical people.

We are currently using XSplit Broadcaster software to manage the audio and video feeds and change scenes. Recorded audio and video are played directly from the laptop. Live audio is routed through the sound board into the laptop through a Behringer analog to USB converter. XSplit streams it all directly to our YouTube channel.

Recently this little fellow has joined the congregation.

Photos copyright 2020 by Wayne Johnston and Lisa Petch. Used with permission.