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We are called by God to be a welcoming church where we respect differences and build Christian community as we learn, grow, celebrate, and reach out in faith.

Prayers on Facebook

Join Rev. Elaine for prayers on Facebook, Monday through Thursday at 10:00 AM


Join us for our live-streamed worship services on YouTube.

Maundy Thursday, April 9th at 7:00 PM

Good Friday, April 10th at 10:00 AM hosted by Kanata United Church.

Easter Sunday, April 12th at 10:00 AM

Easter Greetings

Would you like to share Easter greetings with your friends at Glen Cairn United? Record a 10 to 15 second video on your computer or phone. Send it to We will play the greetings before the Easter service live stream on April 12th.

Letter from Rev. Elaine

Dear Friends,

As I write to you we are in our third week of Physical Distancing as we attempt to “flatten the curve” of the Covid pandemic that has encompassed this beautiful world. As we live in this time of fear and loneliness our worship life continues. Some folks are saying this may be the “Lentiest Lent I’ve ever Lented” and Lent may appear to be never ending. Other are saying we are entering the “Holiest of Holy weeks we will ever Hallow”.

It may feel as if all our celebrations and liturgical events would be better postponed, I believe that our liturgical calendar has a more profound meaning for us this year and brings us greater hope. I believe we will be unpacking that meaning for years to come if we allow ourselves to be open to the scriptures, the stories and the events that we remember in this Holy Week and how that will impact our lives.

I invite you to enter Holy week with me, to walk through Holy week with an open-heart listening for the breath and beat of the Spirit within you and all round you.

We begin our journey through Holy Week with Palm Sunday and our palm parade. Last week you would have received a palm poster to colour and cut out so that you can join me in a palm parade. Each day during Holy week please join me each morning Monday through Thursday at 10 am, on Facebook live for a time of listening to the Holy Week Scriptures, to short meditations and prayer as we walk this journey to the cross with intention and hope.

On Thursday Evening at 7 pm, please join for our Maundy Thursday Service live. We will be celebrating the sacrament of Holy Communion together that evening so I encourage you to find some bread or cake and grape juice or orange juice that you might partake in this sacred meal with me. Divided and broken we may be, but through the sacrament, we are brought together in our brokenness. I will be enacting “foot washing” and if you wish to participate at home you need a bowl and some water. You can either wash your partners hands or feet and if you are alone, I invite you to pour water over your hands or feet and imagine our Lord Jesus is the one washing you.

Good Friday service will be hosted by our sister Church Kanata United at 10 am. You will receive a link to their service, or you can simply go to their church website and follow the link there.

Finally join me on Easter Sunday as we Celebrate the Resurrection. Our hope in faith that the tomb does not have the last say, that what for humanity was an ending for God was just the beginning. Once again, I invite you to have some bread and grape juice or cake and orange juice, whatever you have in your home that might be substituted for our elements and share with me in the sacred meal of love grace and hope.

Many Blessings to you my friends We will worship together again in person in our beautiful sanctuary filled with joyful song soon. In the meantime, worship with me in heart and soul knowing that God is always with us.

In the service of the Risen Christ

Rev Elaine

Ways To Donate

Thank you for your continued financial support! It allows us to meet our financial obligations such as paying our wonderful staff and maintaining the church building.

With our church building closed here are some alternatives for those who give loose donations or put an offering envelope in the collection plate each Sunday.

Sign up for PAR

PAR stands for Pre-Authorized Remittance. The PAR Authorization Form is available here. Download and print the form. Fill in the information requested, including your method of payment. If you choose pre-authorized debit, then attach a VOID cheque to your form. Please mail your information to: Rose Cambourne, The United Church of Canada, 8 Switzer Street, New Lowell, Ontario L0M 1N0, or fax the form to 1-416-232-6003.

Please note that PAR givings are debited monthly rather than weekly from your bank account.

PAR givings may be changed at any time. If you only wish to use this method of payment during the building closure, you may choose to cancel PAR once we’re back to worshipping in the church building.

Interac e-transfer

It is possible to transfer funds directly to the church through your online banking account. You need to set the church up as a new Interac e-transfer payee using as the email address. You may then initiate an Interac e-transfer and create a security question. If you wish to direct your donation to a fund other than local operating expenses, then please indicate this in your email. For security reasons, please provide the response to your security question in a separate email.


Mail your cheques (today’s date or post-dated) to Glen Cairn United Church, 140 Abbeyhill Drive, Kanata, Ontario K2L 1H5. Since all the church mail goes through a super mailbox, you are able to send cheques – even post-dated ones – through the mail and they will be safely and regularly picked up by GCUC.

The church building is closed, please do not drop cheques off at the church.

Please note that all three methods of payment provide an official income tax receipt.

Church Events

In person gatherings at Glen Cairn United are cancelled until further notice. Church events are continuing online. See our What's New page for additional information.

Caring for Caregivers

This flyer produced by The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre contains useful information not only for caregivers, but for everyone during the COVID-19 crisis.

The OASIS in Kanata

Helping caregivers build capacity, confidence, and resilience

The Oasis in Kanata is committed to providing support for all caregivers of people who suffer with symptoms of mental illness, and strives to do this from cradle to grave.

Mental health problems can generally be defined as stemming from a combination of individual genetic pre-dispositions (Nature) and environmental stressors (Nurture). With this in mind, The Oasis in Kanata works to provide support for caregivers through providing information, education, and support.

For help or more information please go to or contact us at 613-435-1100.

Prime Time in KANata

The COVOD-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the ability of our church to deliver Prime Time in Kanata services to seniors in our community. It is with great regret that we have decided to close the Prime Time in Kanata program. We are sorry that it has come to such a sudden and premature end; we wish we could have done more to support the well-being of seniors in our community.

We want to thank all of our students, volunteers, community agencies, businesses, granting organizations and, of course, our congregation who have supported Prime Time. Any questions or comments should be directed to


David Rothwell

Healing Pathway

If you have chronic pain, emotional stress, illness of any sort, if you are trying to cope with life transitions or deepen your spiritual connection, you may benefit from a Healing Pathway session. These ministry services are offered at no cost.

Click here to find out more.