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Sunday Worship

Please join us for worship and see who we are and what we do. We meet every Sunday at 10:00 am.

Glen Cairn United has cancelled in person gatherings in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Join us on YouTube.

Becoming a Member

Membership Transfer

Please speak to Rev. Elaine Beattie if you would like to transfer your membership to GCUC.

Are you a new member at GCUC?

If you have joined the congregation on a regular or semi-regular basis, you should know that these days we sometimes use e-mail to communicate general information to you. We still need your phone number too. Please let the church office know by sending a note with your address at

Supporting Our Work

Thank you for your continued financial support! It allows us to meet our financial obligations such as paying our wonderful staff and maintaining the church building.

With our church building closed here are some alternatives for those who give loose donations or put an offering envelope in the collection plate each Sunday.

Please note that all three methods of payment provide an official income tax receipt.

Sign up for PAR

PAR stands for Pre-Authorized Remittance. The PAR Authorization Form is available here. Download and print the form. Fill in the information requested, including your method of payment. If you choose pre-authorized debit, then attach a VOID cheque to your form. Please mail your information to: Rose Cambourne, The United Church of Canada, 8 Switzer Street, New Lowell, Ontario L0M 1N0, or fax the form to 1-416-232-6003.

Please note that PAR givings are debited monthly rather than weekly from your bank account.

PAR givings may be changed at any time. If you only wish to use this method of payment during the building closure, you may choose to cancel PAR once we’re back to worshipping in the church building.

Interac e-transfer

It is possible to transfer funds directly to the church through your online banking account. You need to set the church up as a new Interac e-transfer payee using as the email address. You may then initiate an Interac e-transfer and create a security question. If you wish to direct your donation to a fund other than local operating expenses, then please indicate this in your email. For security reasons, please provide the response to your security question in a separate email.


Mail your cheques (today’s date or post-dated) to Glen Cairn United Church, 140 Abbeyhill Drive, Kanata, Ontario K2L 1H5. Since all the church mail goes through a super mailbox, you are able to send cheques – even post-dated ones – through the mail and they will be safely and regularly picked up by GCUC.

The church building is closed, please do not drop cheques off at the church.

Gift Cards

This fundraiser helps you with your groceries and shopping. Gift cards in various denominations are available for sale every week after church, and the more of us who use them, the larger the benefit to the church. It costs you nothing, yet earns us money. All proceeds go to church funds.

Gift card sales are suspended until further notice.

Helping Out

Join with others and help us in what we do.

After Worship Snacks

Provide cookies, squares, loafs, etc. on an occasional basis. Having food following the service tends to improve fellowship and gives people a chance to visit.

After Worship Cleanup

Following the fellowship time after church you will take the cart with the dirty cups and coffee makers, etc. to the kitchen and wash them up. That's it!

Scripture Reader

Reads the printed welcome at the beginning of the service and introduces the first hymn, reads the scriptures which have been given to you by Friday at the latest, reads the Minute for Mission from the booklet provided as applicable.


Hand out the orders of service at the sanctuary doors beginning at approx. 9:15 a.m., Ask two other people to help the two greeters to take up the offering, and, following the service a quick check is made of the sanctuary to retrieve any belongs which have been left behind

Communion Server

Help serve the communion elements either by intinction or by plate and cup. Worship chair meets with the servers 10 minutes before the service to go over their roles.

Sunday School Teacher

Opportunities exist to teach either full time or part-time. There is a very comprehensive curriculum for your use, and training and support are provided.

Sound Technician

Control the (sonic) world! Set up mics and maintain the sound quality throughout the service. Don't panic: training is provided.