Glen Cairn United Church
140 Abbeyhill Drive, Ottawa, ON K2L 1H5
Office Administrator, Ruth Winter
Office Hours:  Tuesday to  Thursday  9 - 3:30pm, Friday 9.00 - 10.30am
Church office Email:
        Telephone:  613 836 4756

Task Descriptions for Worship Service Volunteers

Scripture Reader:

Reads the printed welcome at the beginning of the service and introduces the first hymn, reads the scriptures which have been given to you by Friday at the latest, reads the Minute for Mission from the booklet provided as applicable.


Hand out the orders of service at the sanctuary doors beginning at approx. 9:15 a.m., Ask two other people to help the two greeters to take up the offering, and, following the service a quick check is made of the sanctuary to retrieve any belongs which have been left behind


Usher (s) are needed at larger services to show visitors and latecomers to their seats.  The usher may then be seated before the first hymn ends.

Communion Server:

To help serve the communion elements either by intinction or by plate and cup.  Worship chair meets with the servers 10 minutes before the service to go over their roles.

Coffee Cleanup:

Following the fellowship time after church you will take the cart with the dirty cups and coffee makers, etc. to the kitchen and wash them up.  That's it!

After Worship Snacks:

Provide cookies, squares, loafs, etc. on an occasional basis.  Having food following the service tends to improve fellowship and gives people a chance to visit.

Sunday School Teacher:

Opportunities exist to teach either full time or part-time.  There is a very comprehensive curriculum provided for your use. As well as training.

Sound Technician:

Responsible for setting up mikes and ensuring that sound quality is maintained throughout the service.